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  • Project «Critical Update» at the exhibition «Masks of Time»
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  • Ural Vision Gallery 09.10.2020 - 10.01.2021

    Masks of time

    Ural Vision Gallery presents group exhibition Masks of Time. In recent months, the mask has become an integral part of a person's everyday life, which has given rise to a conversation about the concept of «mask” in aesthetic and cultural aspects. The exhibitors included both the pioneers of Russian media art - Aristarkh Chernyshev and Olga Tobreluts, the famous St. Petersburg artist Ivan Plusch, and young authors - Dmitry Shabalin, Dunya Zakharova, Natalia Grezina, Osip Toff.
    The concept of a mask is interpreted in the traditional, ritual sense by the artist Natalia Grezina, Olga Tobreluts embodies in her 3D graphics the images of antique sculpture - passed through the modern optics, they acquire new meanings.
    Masks-objects of the young Moscow artist Dmitry Shabalin are a kind of quintessence of mass culture: collected from the surrounding everyday objects, they are reborn — aesthetically, symbolically and functionally, while becoming a manifesto of conscious consumption in the era of consumerism.

    The splitting of consciousness as a norm for a person of the XXI century is explored in new series by Ivan Plusch. The masks on the faces of the heroes of his painting turn them into phantoms of this world, living forever in digital immortality.
    In the media installation by Aristarkh Chernyshev, an attempt is made to bring a person closer to biological immortality using digital technologies. In his interactive project «Critical Update», the artist offers a Sci-fi utopian model of the functioning of the body as a shell of our personality, the individual collection of data about which will allow each viewer to try on the upgrade process in order to improve the general health