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  • «No color, no taste, no odor. Human update.» by Aristarkh Chernyshev
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  • No color, no taste, no odor. Human update.» by Aristarkh Chernyshev, Bison gallery, Kazan. 30.10.2019—08.12.2019

    The project is devoted to a critical comprehending of modernity and the designing of elements of the present by extrapolating the current technological state of society to the near future; as well as the inevitability of technological changes in society that will entail a change in its social structure. A society in which people do not suffer from diseases, live a full spiritual and physical life - this is the ideal to which we aspire. It is a society that is economically self-regulating through "smart" algorithms based on neural networks and other mathematical and statistical algorithms that analyze big data, which, in turn, are provided by information operators and large social networks. The project “No Color, No Taste, No Odor, or Critical Update” demonstrates one of the possible scenarios in which social networks will provide not only information and communication, not only the possibility of augmented reality, but also the physical distribution of various goods and services. One of these services is “Critical Update”, which is similar to updating the operating system of a smartphone or a computer, except that it applies to a person. This is a utopian model of the functioning of the body, as the shell of our personality, which is constantly in need of repair, patches and replacement of worn-out blocks. Despite all the negative consequences of the current technological revolution, it has a definite plus, and it lies in the fact that a particular person has accumulated a lot of information to quickly update his body and keep it in working condition, just all this information is not combined and scattered across the cloud repositories of various corporations and government agencies. In my project, I propose to merge all this personal data and provide access to them by their rightful owner. This will provide a breakthrough in the field of efficient use of their own hidden opportunities, about which a person is not even aware Based on the collected data, as well as data that supply autonomous diagnostic systems embedded in the body, an individual patch is made for each individual person. The “Critical Update” itself is a gel that allows air to pass through and contains a set of nanobots that restore worn organs and tissues. The gel is introduced into the body by inhalation and absorption through the mucous membrane of the mouth, nose and eyes. Inhalation provides a direct hit into the blood through the lungs, and the circulatory system carries the specialized nanorobots to those organs and parts of the body for which they are responsible for restoring.

    Without noticing this, a person lives in symbiosis with many microorganisms that make up the flora of his intestines and skin. These microorganisms help him digest food and protect the skin. In the post-Anthropocene era, when the Internet of things, the Internet of animals, the Internet of non-human entities and agents already exist, the time has come to bring the symbiosis of man and other organisms, including those created by man himself, to a new level. Such an organism is PiO (personal informational organism). PiO is a hybrid of a genetically modified leech and a smartphone that lives on a person’s body, feeds on his blood, and in return provides informational inclusion and reverent concern for the health of the donor owner. Pio has the ability to continuously monitor the human body, the data is being accumulated in the cloud service and, based on their analysis, Pio can produce various substances and enter them directly into the blood.