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  • UserPic at the exhibition «Plastic Mass» in the Russian State Museum
  • UserPic at the exhibition «Plastic Mass» in the Russian State Museum 22.08.2019—28.10.2019
    The exhibition will present the diversity of Russian sculpture of the late XX — early XXI century made from polymers and plastics.

    The emergence of new avant-garde trends in painting and the use of ready-made objects at the beginning of the twentieth century completely changed the concept of the work of art. The scientific revolution and the development of industrial technologies led to the emergence of new materials: various types of plastics, rubbers, polymers, etc., which since then have been actively used by artists to create a new type of spatial objects.

    Working with plastics, sculptors from Moscow and St. Petersburg look both in the future and in the past, creating projects yet to be realized or referring to the images and plastic principles of ancient classics. Following these trends, the exhibition aims to present a complex and vivid picture of progress in life and art, highlighting the impact of new technologies on the work of our contemporaries. The exhibition includes more than 70 works by thirty artists, among whom are well-known and influential figures in contemporary art.