• Electroboutique
  • TVviewer
  • A.Chernyshev, A.Shulgin
    TVviewer. installation 2007
    TV programs we watch are our own reflections; It is also true the other way around: ourselves are the products of tele-propaganda. In "Televiewer" installation these metaphors take visual shape: a viewer sees her own reflection assembled from different tv channels visual streams. Tele-signals, while keeping their informative functions, become a form-shaping substance, a kind of brush-strokes filling the space of a tele-portrait. In a magnificent way a viewer turns from the the passive object of the TV exposure into a subject - a co-author of the art piece: while zapping TV channels and moving around in front of the TV screen a viewer acts as a tele-VJ and thus creates her own show out of her image and a visual streams of tele-news, advertisements and soap operas.