• Electroboutique
  • Visual Uncertainty
  • Visual Uncertainty. 2014
    Alexei Shulgin, Aristarkh Chernyshev, computer graphics by Mikhail Maximov

    The project is based on a unique visual technology developed by Electroboutique. With this technology, we add one more visual layer to a gallery space, - the layer that can only be seen through our special optical filter.

    Two custom video projectors lit two opposite walls. Magic glass is placed vertically between the walls. The walls display invisible video coming from the projectors. For a bare eye it is just white rectangle that highlights the wall. But, if a viewer looks at the projection through our filter she will see colourful meditative videos instead. People and objects behind the frame appear in front of these animated projections. In this work we wanted to play around with visual perception and bring back the notion of magic back in art.

    Viewers not only become part of the work, moreover, they can never see the second layer of reality they appear in for the others. Also, with this work wanted to visualize the concept of uncertainty, where a subject can be present in two different spaces simultaneously visual or mental ones.