• Electroboutique
  • Design of neo-liberal regime
  • Design of neo-liberal regime. 2013 Design of the Neo-Liberal Regime comprises two exhibitions in one, in which from the very outset the spectator finds himself in the sterile space of a room on the walls of which there are flat, monochrome panels. To switch to a new level, you need to put on special glasses and earphones, whereupon the spectator is transported from a comfortable space that tells us of the creative selfexpression and spirit of the artist to the cruel world of modernity, violence, social injustice and anthropogenic disaster.

    Electroboutique: This project, on the one hand is a reflection on the role of art in the modern, changing world, whilst on the other it is the creation of a magical space in which the spectator experiences a genuine catharsis. The two spaces at this exhibition are the essences of the two polarities in the issues of art that form the aesthetics of modernity, the aesthetics of the crisis being experienced by the neo-liberal society in which we live.