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  • Final adjustment
  • A.Chernyshev
    Final Adjustment
    Interactive TV-installation. 2003

    The entertainment industry and pop culture escalate the use of more advanced technologies of visual production, which require more qualified specialists, not only technically skilled but competent in literature, philosophy, art history etc. At the output their product tends to be more primitive and opiate; I'd call it chewing gum for the eyes and brain. The philosophy of media art was defined by sci-fi writers and futurologists of the 60-70-es, including the idea of protection against the growing information stream. But the hi-tech industry considers production of protection tools unprofitable, forcing contemporary artists to design themselves such tools. If the great master said 'I take the marble block and cut off the needless', I would say 'I take the information stream and cut off the needless'. Now you have this opportunity, you got the digital bat to protect yourselves from excess information and to transform it into visual tapestry... Just smash your TV to adjust it!