• Electroboutique
  • Voice of Freedom
  • S.Kasich, A.Shulgin, A.Chernyshev
    Voice of Freedom. 2012
    Audio-visual instrument with 3-voice polyphony. Keyboard instrument consisting from 3-octave keyboard connected to computer and video projector or large LCD screen. Each key corresponds to an audio/video sample talking head of a media personality (politic, journalist). Each talking head pronounces one word or phrase, such as freedom, democracy, tolerance, protest, etc. Each sample (audio) corresponds to a tonality of a specific key. Thus, if a viewer plays the keyboard a sampled video will be generated, where on-screen people talk their words melodically and repeat the performed tune. Voice of Freedom problematises the act of political statement and contextualizes it in the media space. Political statements get deconstructed into semantic and phonetic fragments in order to be re-assembled again in the form of music.