• Electroboutique
  • AirPort
  • AirPort. 2009
    july 25,2009 New work by Electroboutique (Aristarkh Chernyshev, Alexei Shulgin, Inna Astafieva) at Archstoyanie festival

    Open air media installation AirPort.

    AirPort is a poetic reflection on the possible ways of the urban civilization development.

    We are facing a choice: whether we should further sink our ferroconcrete teeth of architecture and transport system into the nature's body; or should we try to minimize our impact on it.

    AirPort is a project of a utopian transport system where only media network that enables a feedback with passengers has remained. Airport is a fantasy that some day we, instead of overcrowded and dehumanized we airport might find ourselves in a beautiful forest that serves as a gateway to out final destination.

    AirPort is placed right in a forest, between trees and bushes. The huge departures display shows flight numbers, departures times, gates, airlines and destinations. All information is displayed in real time. A female voice announces changes in the timetable, last calls and other information that is usually announced at airports.

    AirPort clashes nature and techno-civilization in a direct way. Without proposing concrete solutions of ecological and architectural problems, the project expresses a hope that another, non-antagonistic co-existence of nature and humans is possible.