• Electroboutique
  • Wow-pod
  • A.Chernyshev and A.Shulgin
    Interactive mediasculpture. 2008

    wowPod is one of our summits. We have put all our technological achievements, all our experience from many years, and all our talent in it. In fact, wowPod is an artistic interface for an iPod. Plug your iPod into wowPod and enjoy artistic mega-consumption unknown before. All your mp3 files, videos and podcasts will appear in a new way processed through inner life of an artist. Thus, a mass-culture bubble-gum for eyes and ears gains absolutely new ontological profoundness and multiple meanings. Besides that wowPod as a brilliant design object will adorn any interior, private or public. Giant distorted ipod further develops ideas of creative capitalism, being at the same time critical towards it. Critique through consumption (or consumption through critique) - that is the modus of modern life; our wowPod represents this modus at its best (like no other).