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  • Commercial Protest
  • Commercial Protest. A. Shulgin, A. Chernyshev mediaobject. 2007

    It is difficult to protest these days against capitalism, especially if you are a member of capitalist society and enjoy all its benefits. Any convincing form of protest very soon gets appropriated by the system and starts being used for its sake: in politics, in advertisement, in design, etc. But we want to protest - and offer a new, realistic form: Commercial Protest. We protest in the form of a critical but/and commercially suitable art work.

    Commercial Protest reveals the essence of modern people; it shows what we are all made of. A viewer has their portrait a mosaic made out of transnational companies logos (variant: consumer goods). These images are globally recognizable and constitute the visual language of today. The supermarket cart that contains the TV set emphasizes the ugliness of the ultimately consumerist world. We protest against such state of things with this piece and set a fair price on it.