• Chernyshev & Efimov
  • I*ll Be Back
  • V.Efimov and A.Chernyshev
    I'll Be Back
    Interactive video installation, video projections, photographs. 2002

    I'll Be Back has the guest star Terminator T-800, cared with good humor. This one-minute idea is presented in various dimensions in two video projections. The first mode is the original film about two accurate office-dressed artists who tread down dozens of tiny nimble cyborgs. In the end comes revenge - the huge steel foot of a giant Terminator crushes the humans as if they were roaches. The second element is an interactive amusement for public. Any blockbuster gets its sequel-prequel, but also spawns in multiple computer games of "based on the characters" sort. The mini-movie about life and death of the two human terminators developed into an interactive game - everybody is welcome to play.
    Happy viewers/users get two games for the price of one. First is a simple arcade, but sort of inside-out. And sure it's a classical first person shooter kill'em all - yet with a twist. There are no railguns or freeze throwers, just an honest mighty foot, but that's really hasta la vista baby!
    In the process of their work artists benefited the game industry, having developed a unique interface device. The footpad is a pedal sensor platform that might save hardcore gamers worldwide from crooked spine and turn cybersports into a real athletic workout.
    Concerning the memorabilia business (which in case of sci-fi action blockbusters often outmatches the boxoffice) artists have almost outplayed the Hollywood dreamweavers. Cameron or Lucas couldn't even dream to market a souvenir like a giant monument to the cyber-hero in the hometown of the hero...