• Chernyshev & Efimov
  • Shining Prostheses
  • V.Efimov and A.Chernyshev
    Shining Prostheses
    Interactive video installation. 1998

    The body industry developed in the twentieth century has laid great emphasis on mass production of various artificial body parts, such as silicone breast implants, dentures, or artificial kidneys. In such a situation art itself has turned into a sort of prosthesis for philosophy, aesthetic and ethic, - a necessary and sufficient set of props and crutches for European consciousness, - which seem to lose all their importance by the end of the twentieth century.
    Aristarkh Chernyshev and Vladislav Efimov, however, are far from being inclined to give simple answers to the tragic questions of time. It's more sensible and practical to make such a disgrace into a parody show after Tales from the Crypt. Like in a classic horror, in The Shining Prostheses the artificial body parts begin to live their own lives, and they can do very well without all these unnecessary biological organs with genetic memory.
    Store up prostheses for a rainy day! - the grandmother's only possession. That's an idiotic corpore ity, cursed spirituality:
    (Andrei Kovalev)