• Aristarkh Chernyshev
  • MetaConsumer. 2021
  • GUM-Red-Line Gallery 23.12.2022 10.02.2023

    MetaConsumer. 2021

    In the era of hyperconsumerism the old slogan Work, consume, die! acquires new connotations.
    After reaching a peak of development every civilisation inevitably moves towards decline. The golden age of the civilisation of overconsumption may end in global catastrophe.
    Disposable goods fill supermarket shelves and the number of cheap products made from synthetic materials is off the scale, creating problems with waste recycling, air pollution, soil, water and oceans all over the world and ultimately leading to global climate change, the disappearance of entire species of animals and plants.
    Just sorting waste is no longer enough, we have to change the basic principles by which our economy and society function.