• Aristarkh Chernyshev
  • Robot relaxation. 2019
  • Robot relaxation. 2019

    In 1971, in his novel
    Futurological Congress Stanislav Lem made a disappointing forecast for the development of human society in the face of growing social confrontation and the rapid depletion of natural resources: the ruling circles, using chemicals, immersed the entire 2019-2020 humanity into a kind of virtual reality, an illusory world of almost complete abundance and well-being. Only a few can see the true state of affairs and only for a short time. The real reality is the complete collapse of civilization.
    Also in his novel, he predicted the appearance of various
    psychologically and behavioral types:
    a primitivist is a dull-witted robot.
    a moron - a simulation robot that doesn't want to work.
    robotic shaker, robotic shaker is a lazy robot.
    robotic is a robot worker.
    hamant - robotic boor.
    cifranin is a village robot.
    an alien is an alien robot.
    but nowadays a new problem arises - what to do
    unemployed robots?