• Aristarkh Chernyshev
  • Last Update. 2019
  • Last Update. 2019
    Dynamic light sculpture

    Vanitas - translated from Latin means "vanity of vanities", in other words - "memento mori" ("remember death"). This is the most intelligent type of still life, an allegory of the eternity of art, the transience of earthly glory and human life.

    The last update is the quintessence of Vanitas still life from which all symbolic images are excluded and the two most important ones are left, this is the Skull - a symbol of the inevitability of death and a clock - a symbol of the transience of life. The symbol of loading plays the role of a clock, and a new modern meaning also appears in it - wasted time and at the same time the hope for resurrection, which in a traditional still life is symbolized by a spike of wheat - after all, no one knows what is behind the last line, what kind of update is in store for us.