• Aristarkh Chernyshev
  • Classic with prostheses. 2016
  • Classic with prostheses.

    Any attempt to create a work of classical art ends up with a cargo cult ritual. It occurs because the process of creating planes by Melonesian people out of palm leaves and sticks has quite the same imitative nature in respect to the real aircraft building as a piece of art created by an adherent of classical art in respect to its copied original.
    The contemporary artist is unable to reproduce moral values and philosophy of ancient Greece or Renaissance as well as the context of the past epochs. Similarly to the islanders with their poor toolkit and primitive techniques, the contemporary artist has a rather narrow and very specific set of tools and techniques at his disposal. As a rule, these are various graphic editors, video editors, sound editors, 3D computer programs, diverse software tools both for code and hardware development. For preliminary works one uses such hardware tools as photo and video cams, microphones, 3D scanners, computers. Besides the data obtained by means of hardware tools one often uses digital data available on various Internet resources and services. At the materialization stage one uses contemporary printers, plotters, milling machines, 3D printers and only very rarely traditional techniques such as moulding or painting. Obviously, by using this kind of toolkit one can only get an imitation of a Classic artwork, - paradoxical hybrids on the prostheses of the contemporary techniques, in fact. Perhaps, this is one of a few forms of existe