• Aristarkh Chernyshev
  • UserPic. 2014
  • UserPic videosculpture by Aristarkh Chernyshev. 2014

    User Mona Lisa has changed her profile picture.

    Aristarkh Chernyshevs video sculpture UserPic is a monument to the users avatar; to its constant fluctuation and variability; to the situation when a known to nobody person behind the avatar wants everybody to see him such as he is represented by his avatar.
    Thus, there is a certain connection between a profile picture and a Renaissance portrait of a wealthy city dweller who hired an artist to make his portrait to represent himself to the society, i.e. a specific userpic to present oneself to the world.
    Video sculpture UserPic is a result of experimenting with minimalistic shape, low-res aesthetics, animated 3D texture as well as RGB LED technology.
    RGB LED screen in the shape of a user icon carries 3D texture which is being generated by means of a special programme for each avatar-portait.
    Except for a video sculpture as an added bonus at the realization of this project is a special programme communicating with your laptop cam.
    (We make an apology to the i-pad and some MacOS users for the programme being not compatible with these devices.)

    First exhibited during the Circle of Light Moscow International Festival in October 2014.